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What is the age of the girls you accept?

Generally, we accept girls from 13 years through 16 years, 8 months.

Are there any requirements for the parents?

The custodial parent must attend a Bible-teaching church unless prevented by work or illness. If there is joint custody, both parents must have unanimity about the child enrolling in the school. Parents must sign an agreement stating that they agree with the school policies.

What is the length of stay?

Each child matriculates for a minimum stay of 15 months. Parents and pastors may ask the school for the child to stay longer at their discretion.

What school curriculum is used?

We use programmed material from the School of Tomorrow (Accelerated Christian Education). Each student is given a diagnostic test upon arrival, and based on her results, will be appropriately placed in Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Spelling & Electives. Credits already earned will be credited to her transcript. Each student annually takes a standardized achievement test, such as the Stanford Achievement Test, to validate her academic progress.

Are students spanked?

NO. Correction used is extra work assignments or writing out a specific number of Scripture verses. This correction is based on demerits earned from wrong behavior.

Does the student have contact with her family?

Absolutely! She is required to write her parents and pastor once each week. She may receive unlimited mail from her parents and pastor or others whom her parents have pre-approved. She will receive monthly phone calls from her family as well as regularly arranged visitation. She also may receive scheduled phone calls and visits from her pastor.

What about counseling?

Students receive day to day guidance from the staff ladies who work with them as well as Biblical counseling from pastoral staff on a regular basis. Counseling given is based on Biblical principles.

Why do parents send their daughters to your boarding school?

Many parents, fearing the destructive direction their daughter has taken, realize they are losing control, and would often characterize their situation as being desperate. Accordingly, they seek the help of Hephzibah House. They seek our school primarily because they want to remove their daughter from possible negative influences, have her taught character and self-control, and because they believe the positions, philosophies and practices of Hephzibah House are compatible with their own.

Are there students who cannot matriculate at your school?

We are not qualified to help special needs children. We cannot receive children adjudicated as being a “Child in need of services” (CHINS). To see if a child qualifies, an inquirer must be pre-qualified by the school office at 574-269-2376.

There is an application process to ensure each inquiring family can make an informed decision about the placement of their daughter. Pre-qualified inquirers are sent voluminous materials about the policies, procedures and philosophy of Hephzibah House. The senior pastor of each inquiring family must be in agreement about placement of the child in our boarding school.

What about the success of your students?

When dealing with a human heart, there are no guarantees about “success.” The family can be assured their daughter will be in a safe place where she would have no contact with destructive relationships, drugs, drink, moral problems or other dangerous behavior. She will be in school each school day, and will be a part of each public service at Believers Baptist Church. She will attend devotions and memorize many passages of Scripture (5 verses a week plus a monthly Scripture passage). She will have a structured schedule, exercise and recreation times. She will participate in work duties, chores and assembly of Scripture portions for the mission field.

She will be guided and supervised by staff ladies who work with, live with, play with and eat with the students. The staff ladies also sleep in the same dorm with the students. She will receive regular pastoral counseling according to her needs.

Though all the students receive all these positive and spiritual influences, unfortunately not all will use these principles to change their lives.

Some of the girls will go on to be pastor’s wives and missionary wives, and many are now Godly wives and mothers. Many have gone on to augment their education at Bible colleges or secular universities, and are now responsible, productive members of society.

However, some go back to harmful habits and destructive relationships. Some students will be grateful to their parents for sending them to Hephzibah because it changed their lives for the good. Some students may choose to reject what they were taught while with us, but our sincere hope is that all will become productive, responsible members of society.

However, the Word of God planted in hearts during their stay will sometimes bear fruit months and years later! We have had several students who did not appreciate being at Hephzibah at the time, but months or years later, contacted us to tell us of their conversion to Christ, often because of what they were taught at Hephzibah. When this salvation experience has occurred, it dramatically altered the perception of that student’s experience about her stay at Hephzibah.

Under what authority does Hephzibah House operate?

Hephzibah House operates under the authority of Believers Baptist Church in rural Warsaw, Indiana. The ministry is also inspected by fire and health officials.

How are you supported?

Hephzibah House is supported only by the love gifts of consecrated Christians across America, either directly or through their local church. Hephzibah House does not receive support from government or tax monies. Parents of students pay a fraction of what it costs to keep their child in our boarding school. Our financial books are done each year by a Public Accountant.

What about the safety of the girls?

The ministry is regularly and randomly inspected by fire and health officials. Fire drills are also regularly held, so the students are taught how to safely and rapidly exit the building in the event of a fire.

What about the health of the girls?

A physical exam is required of every student to ensure she can participate in our exercise program and school activities. This also ensures she is free of disease and is not pregnant, for her and other students’ protection. We prefer that these physical exams be done before arrival, but will, at the parents’ request, have an area licensed medical doctor do the physical exam. Our nurse helps the students with minor ailments under the directions of our doctor. If emergency medical care is needed, the students are referred to local medical facilities.

Do you seek students?

We do not seek students. Students are referred to us as the result of a home in crisis. The parents see their child headed in a dangerous, self-destructive direction.

What is your check-in procedure for a new girl?

1. The family and prospective student are taken into a comfortable room
2. All paperwork is thoroughly explained to the parents and completed
3. The parents are taken on a tour of the facility
4. The family spends time alone with their daughter to say good bye
5. After the family leaves, the student is taken to a bathroom where she enters an enclosed shower area alone. She showers and dresses into a new set of clothing.
6. The student unpacks and marks her clothing and personal effects, and puts them away with the help of several staff members.
7. The student is introduced to other staff and students.